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BigSDM2018 Agenda


Day 1: NOV. 30 Keynotes Chair:Xuebin Chi
08:30 AM 15 Opening Ceremony  
08:45 AM 45 Keynote Speech: Gravitational Waves from Detectors to Detection Barry C. Barish
09:30 AM 45 Keynote Speech: Big Data in Astronomy: The Era of Surveys Alexander S. Szalay
10:15 AM 30 Group Photo & Break  
Data Policy & Infrastructure Sessions Chair: Mingqi Chen
Open data policy and advanced data infrastructure are key issue for big data driven discovery. This session will discuss the successes and models for different aspects of the research data management infrastructure, and review the open data policy and practices.
10:45 AM 30 Open-World, Integrative, Transparent, Collaborative Research Data Platforms: addressing the life-cycle of large scale scientific data collections. Peter Fox
11:15 AM 30 NFFA-EUROPE Data Repository: How to Build a Data Infrastructure for Large Scale Scientific European Infrastructure Stefano Cozzini
11:45 AM 20 SciSpace: Towards a Serverless-Style Cloud Service for Scientific Data Management Huajin Wang
12:05AM 20 Open Research Data in China Lili Zhang
12:25 PM 65 Lunch  
Big Science(FAST,LSST…) Sessions Chair: Jianyan Wei
This session will invite the speakers from the following big science project (FAST , LSST , Micius , CASEarth , LIGO , Wukong ) to talk about the data challenge for big data management.
13:30 PM 30 FAST and the Dawn of EB Astronomy Di Li
14:00 PM 30 Big Projects Big Data: Next-Generation Astronomical Surveys Hu Zhan
14:30 PM 30 Scientific Data Management and Application in High Energy Physics Yaodong Cheng
15:00 PM 30 Big Data Processing and Application Use Cases From China Space Science Missions Ziming Zou
15:30 PM 30 Poster & Break  
Machine Learning for Discovery Sessions Chair: Ying Zhang
This session dives deeper into the technology and tools for applying machine learning to large-scale scientific data for scientific discovery.
16:00 PM 30 LeanXcale: A Database Combining Operational Data with Analytical Processing Ricardo Jimenez-Peris
16:30 PM 30 Real-Time Video Surveillance Search Cees Snoek
17:00 PM 30 Sense-making for Large-scale Social Simulations Samarth Swarup
17:30 PM 30 Finding Pitfalls in Query Performance Ying Zhang
18:00 PM 30 Distributed AI for Private Date Exchange Chao Wu
18:30 PM 120 Banquet  
Day 2: DEC. 1 Keynotes Chair:Xiaofeng Meng
08:30 AM 45 Keynote Speech: CASEarth: Big Earth Data driven Science Discovery and Decision Supporting. Huadong Guo
09:15 AM 45 Keynote Speech: The Natural Decay of Scientific Data Martin Kersten
10:00 AM 15 Break  
Big Earth Data Sessions Chair: JunCai Ma
Big Earth Data is a typical big data associated with the Earth sciences, derived from but not limited to Earth observation. It is becoming a new frontier contributing to the advancement of Earth science and significant scientific discoveries. This session will identify the challenges and opportunities to the development of Big Earth Data.
10:15 AM 30 New Insight on Land-climate Interactions with Big Earth Data Gensuo Jia
10:45 AM 30 EarthDataMiner: A Cloud-Based Big Earth Data Intelligence Analysis Platform Jie Liu
11:15 AM 30 E-Science Technology for Remote Sensing Data Exploration Romulo Goncalves
11:45 AM 30 Information Services of Big Remote Sensing Data Guojin He
12:15 PM 75 Lunch  
Special Session on National Key R&D Project Sessions Chair: Jianhui Li
The project on the Scientific Big Data Management System is funded by the National Key R&D Plan: Cloud Computing and Big Data. The project is jointly implemented by 16 universities and institutions. This special session will invite PIs to introduce the progress in the project.
13:30 PM 5 Overview of the project on the Scientific Big Data Management System Jianhui Li
Research 1: Astronomy: Relational store and real time analysis of 100-billion-line astronomical catalogs
13:35 PM 60 15 Realtime and Early Anomaly detection from Millions of Short Timescale Light Curves Zhihui Du
15 AstroServ: a Distributed Database for Serving Large-Scale Full Life-Cycle Astronomical Data Chen Yang
15 Real-Time Query Enabled by Variable Precision in Astronomy Yongjie Du
15 Short-timescale Gravitational Microlensing Events Prediction with ARIMA-LSTM and ARIMA-GRU Hybrid Model Ying Sun, Zijun Zhao
Research 2: Bioscience: Graph store and knowledge graph of 10-billion edges microbiology data
14:35 PM 60 15 Graph-Based RDF Data Management Lei Zou
15 KGBuilder: A System for Large-Scale Scientific Domain Knowledge Graph Building Shuo Wang
15 pSPARQL: A Querying Language for Probabilistic RDF Data Hong Fang
15 Query Associations over Big Financial Knowledge Graph Xiaofeng Ouyang
15:35 PM 10 Break  
Special Session on National Key R&D Project Sessions Chair: Jianhui Li
Research 3: High-energy physics: Long term storage and retrieval of trillion-event data
15:45 PM 75 15 EventDB: a large-scale semi-structured scientific data management system Wenjia Zhao
15 Event-oriented caching system for ROOT data analysis in HEP Baoan Liu
15 Multi-dimensional Index Over a Key-value Store for Semi-structured Data Xin Gao
15 Cross-domain Data Access System for Distributed Sites in HEP Qi Xu
15 Automated and Intelligent Data Migration Strategy in High Energy Physical Storage Systems Zhenjing Cheng
Research 4: Scientific Big Data Benchmark
17:00 PM 30 Benchmarking Principles, Tools, and Case Study on Big Scientific Data Chen Zheng
17:30 PM 15 Closing Remarks  
17:45 PM   Adjourn